project minime:
Stuff does not make you happy

Why is it, that we keep accumulating stuff that we don't really need? Why is it, that at some point our lives become more obsessed over what we own rather than why we own something?

Ask yourself: Why do you own things?

At some point we must learn, that our impulses are perfectly exploited in order to create a craving for things that we don't need. About 4 years ago I stumbled upon a way of life: minimalism.

The word that many use to describe a black and white painting or a website design containing no images in reality is not at all about aesthetics and more about living a life that is not defined by the things we own but by the things we do and the relations and moments we have. Minimalism aims to get rid of things that you don't need in order to make mental space for the things we really need: Less stuff, more life.

Over the course of those 4 years a lot of things happened - the biggest of which was me graduating and finally making some real money. Now, the idea of owning less went out of the window once I could let my guard down and afford stuff.

I came to learn, that a fancy car and a new camera do not make one happy. It is not the thing that contains happiness, it is the action you as a person take - the moment in which you are right now.

This rambling is me realizing that what I have been doing does not really work all that well and coming back to a simpler life.

This is me coming back to minimalism after discovering the thing that I wanted to avoid: Stuff really does not make me happy.